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Warm greetings from the Digital Sensor team.

We're excited to We're thrilled to introduce our revolutionary solution for detecting antibiotic residues in milk. Our technology is fully automated, can provide real-time results during the milking process without the need for human intervention.

We have utilized non-linear chemistry, machine learning, and blockchain technology to create this groundbreaking product. Our cutting-edge approach, which combines these technologies, makes our system truly unique in the market. With the added security and trust provided by blockchain technology, our solution is a game-changer for the dairy industry.

We have PCT application for our invention, and we are excited to bring our solution to the global market. Our mission is to ensure the safety and quality of milk and other organic products, and we believe that our innovative technology will contribute significantly to achieving this goal.


By studying and comprehending molecularly organized systems and their processes, we can compile databases that enable us to identify a broad spectrum of significant molecules in bioanalytes. Our team has applied this approach to various directions, including the analysis of food products, specifically in the detection of antibiotics in milk.

As of today, we have established a database of 21 molecules and can identify four types of antibiotics: beta-lactam, tetracycline, chloramphenicol and streptomycin. Our team is continuously expanding this database to further enhance its capabilities. We hope that our method will be widely utilized in the dairy industry, where farmers and dairies will have access to our devices and will utilize our database for their milk analysis needs.

The Process

An example of milk analysis with our test device.

We gather a sample of milk and immerse our testing system, consisting of a potentiostat and electrodes, into it. Then, we set specific parameters for measurement. In the future these parameters will be pre-set and locked from modification. The measurement takes anywhere up to 10 minutes. We receive the results in the form of a volt-ampere characteristics and the data is uploaded to a server, where the antibiotic concentration in the milk is determined.

The platform has the capability of transferring information to a personal computer via USB, and to mobile phones through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The necessary measurement can be conducted quickly, both in a stationary setting or mobile.

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